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 It still surprises me how in this day It still surprises me how in this day


It still surprises me how in this day

You also get to see books you don’t normally find in libraries. There was one publishing house, for instance, which had a lot of poetry books. Good poetry, too. Too bad they didn’t accept bank cards. It still surprises me how in this day and age you can get stuck at a book fair when your cash runs out.Well, but the vast majority of places accepted my debit card, so I was fine. That’s to say I spent almost all I had left of the savings I had put towards a 4-day trip abroad. But that’s life and reading for you. I got a lot of discounts, so it was definitely worth shopping there. It was also nice to see which books were highlighted. A Few Notes on Some Books (See Below for the Links)Below I’ll show you some photos from the fair, so you can get an idea what it was like.

I'm also showing some popular books -- maybe you get ideas for Christmas presents. Jamie Oliver, for instance, is always a great idea in my view, and his 15-minute meals are fabulous: I've seen many of them on TV.Then there's Malcolm Gladwell, whose books have been around for a while. They have been published by Publika here in Romania recently. I noticed them in libraries about a year ago, I think. They're great reads. I didn't have money for them, but from what I could tell from browsing, they're fun, entertaining, and rather smart. Definitely a present that people who love a good conversation will enjoy.Then, of course, there's Alice Munro, who garnered a lot of attention ever since she received the Nobel Prize for Literature this fall.

I'm currently reading Lives of Girls and Women, and it's rather good. Next I'm going to read Too Much Happiness. Can't wait. She has a style of her own, that demands attention and keeps you wanting to read more of her *stuff*.Finally, I bought the History of Britain and Ireland I'm showing below. DK does an excellent job every time. It's top-notch writing from prized specialists in their fields, and the choice and quality illustrations are absolutely fabulous. I wish I could buy more books like that. They're so good, they end up being more than just reference books, or great coffee table books. You can actually read these visual guides, the whole of them.So, without further tarrying, here are some images from the book fair, and some book gift ideas!

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