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 A clever speaker can justify genocide A clever speaker can justify genocide


A clever speaker can justify genocide

There is a triple offering of what may or may not be troubling Daisy Gahan. There are those who approach this film expecting it to be in the Killer Child horror genre, up there with The Omen.The movie can certainly be watched that way. There are those who are ready to embrace the whole fairy changeling notion; or even that of the fairy's midwife. In Celtic lore, a changeling is a shape-shifting, elderly fairy, who makes itself look like a human couple's baby. The real infant has been carried away to live with the fey. The changeling is then raised by its surrogate parents, who will wait on it hand and foot; bewitched and enslaved into doing its will.The movie can certainly be watched this way too.Or there are those who came with no preconceptions at all. They are waiting for an actual doctor's diagnosis, while strongly suspecting that Daisy is a low-functioning autistic girl.

There is plenty of scope to watch this version of the movie too, all interwoven with the others.But, to my mind, it trade show booth 3×3 doesn't really matter. The movie is not about Daisy. It's about the community around her and she is just the catalyst. Watch The Daisy Chain on Amazon Instant Video How do you judge Daisy?As the scenes played out, you must have perceived something in that elfin face. What was she? Why So Many Bad Reviews of The Daisy Chain?From what I can gather, people entered into it expecting a certain genre of movie. They got confused when it didn't deliver.I finished watching The Daisy Chain truly excited about what I'd just seen. I didn't have that DVD cover to misdirect me.If I had, then maybe I too would have been waiting for the gruesome special effects, a graveyard scene with zombies or a swarm of killer fairies. It's not that movie. It doesn't exist here.Instead, it's a tense, psychological thriller about a community talking itself into increasingly bizarre conclusions. When circumstances, a strong argument and peer pressure collude, then anything is possible. You only have to read the papers for the latest social media scare for proof of that.

A clever speaker can justify genocide. A seemingly senseless tragedy must have someone to blame. Ignorance and fear can breed anything; and even the most rational mind can break down under such uncertainty.That's the movie that I watched. But moreover, it's a storyline which allows you to join in. The audience is merely an extension of that Irish community. I reached the end and the horror was mostly in what my mind had been willing during certain scenes.Anything else would be spoilers. But I can say with some certainty that my viewing of the movie was the correct one. It is about outsiders and how people may gang up in the face of difference.

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